Agricultural Irrigation

Pipeline water transmission system is the application of pipe network water distribution and irrigation, can completely prevent the loss of water transmission and evaporation loss, save water, ordinary than open channel system water saving 30~50%. Farmland irrigation pipe can avoid the attack of soil salinization, swamping and cold soaking field caused by canal system seepage.
Farmland irrigation pipe water distribution network in large part or all buried in the open, ordinary than open channel accounts for about 10% of the arable land, convenient traffic.
The application of pipeline water distribution and irrigation, water flow speed, irrigation efficiency, irrigation labor consumption rate is high, save irrigation labor, time, ordinary than open channel system irrigation efficiency more than 1 times, reduce about 50% of labor.
The piped water system does not breed weeds, thus eliminating heavy Labour such as dredging and weeding of open channels and repairing and maintaining channels.

Industrial Blowdown

With the continuous progress of urbanization, the demand for large diameter storm water pipe and sewage pipe is increasing. The characteristics of steel belt reinforced polyethylene spiral corrugated pipe are good durability and high compressive strength to meet the needs of market development, so in the future, the corrugated pipe will be the main pipe for large diameter drainage pipe.

Spiral bellows are made of high density polyethylene (PE) as the matrix, corrugated steel tape coated with adhesive resin as the main support structure, and wound with polyethylene material composite into an integral double wall spiral bellows. The continuous steel strip is pressed into approximately the best shape of the spiral steel rib wound in the inside and outside two layers of hot melt polyethylene, the high steel degree, high strength of the steel and polyethylene flexibility, corrosion resistance, wear resistance together

Building Piping

PPR water pipe has the characteristics of material saving, environmental protection, corrosion resistance, no scaling easy installation, etc., the pipe and pipe fittings for hot melting, hot melting pipe and pipe fittings are connected as one, the pipe is directly buried in the ground or the wall, the later risk is almost small, so it is widely used in modern buildings in the drainage, water supply and household water pipes。

Cold and hot water systems of buildings, including central heating systems;
Heating systems in buildings, including flooring, siding and radiant heating systems;
A potable water supply system;
Central (centralized) air conditioning system;
Industrial piping system for conveying or discharging chemical media.

Household Pipe

PE pipe is suitable for cold areas or outdoor cold water transportation, often used in municipal water supply, drainage pipes, etc. PE-RT tube has excellent heat dissipation performance and is very suitable for geothermal heating pipes;
PPR pipe can be cold and hot water, often used in building water supply, home decoration water supply pipeline;

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