What kind of material should the sewage pipe be made of?

The most commonly used material for sewage pipes UPVC is also called PVCU, usually known as hard PVC, it is vinyl chloride monomer polymerization and made of amorphous thermoplastic resin with certain additives (such as stabilizer, lubricant, filler, etc.) composition. The melt viscosity of UPVC is high and the fluidity is poor. Even if the […]

There are mainly the following common types of heating pipe material

PEX pipe is a kind of pipe widely used in floor heating system. It is made from a polyethylene high density (HDPE) base material, which is crosslinked to give it higher heat and pressure resistance. PEX tube has good chemical corrosion resistance and aging resistance, not easily affected by water quality. It has good softness […]

PPR pipr purchase tips

ppr water pipe purchase tips: 1, “touch” : whether the texture is delicate, whether the particle is uniform. Now on the market, the ppr tube mainly has several colors: white, gray and green. In general, recycled plastic cannot be white, so many people often think that white is the best, in fact, this view is […]

Jiangshan Plastic Industry Solution PP-R Water Pipe Installation Process

It is divided into installation of exposed and concealed pipes. Due to the exposed pipeline, the installation of exposed pipes must be carried out on the insulation cotton of the pipeline, and the value of the pipeline is no longer the same. Kangyijia Co., Ltd. also needs to find the customer atmosphere and beauty for […]