It is divided into installation of exposed and concealed pipes. Due to the exposed pipeline, the installation of exposed pipes must be carried out on the insulation cotton of the pipeline, and the value of the pipeline is no longer the same. Kangyijia Co., Ltd. also needs to find the customer atmosphere and beauty for its decorative function, which is an important component of the concealed engineering of drainage pipeline installation. There is a problem that is not easy to find in a short time, so it is very important to have the correct construction procedure.
Generally, in the living room and kitchen, the best way is to walk, walk, and not walk on the ground. Please refer to the PPR control manufacturer Jiangsu summary below for specific construction issues that should be noted.
The installation of hot and cold water pipes should be left hot and right cold, with a spacing of no less than 30 millimeters. Set the position of the metal plate with a pencil up and down, with a distance of no less than 800 millimeters between the two points, and then use a hammer to make a hole at the anchor point. A metal card for nailing screws. Nail on wooden wedges inside the hole, screws, and metal clips must be tightly screwed into the wooden wedge to prevent loosening.
Measure dimensions based on hot melt. The temperature is controlled at 260C. If the temperature is too high, there will be thermal deformation on the wall. After 5-7 seconds, the pipe and joint will be quickly melted to ensure the welding ring.
Good joint pipe, each one has a screwdriver to tighten the pipe clamp, pay attention to the corners, the nozzle must be firmly completed. The installation position of the valve should be correct, smooth (with good tile thickness), easy to use and maintain.
All sealing plugs and hydraulic test pumps are tested at 8 to 10mpa. After half an hour, the pressure gauge shows a normal drop of 0.05 mpa water pressure, which is qualified. If it is not qualified, it may be a problem with the pipeline or a leaking pipeline connection.
Bind the plug port on the polytetrafluoroethylene tape to prevent leakage, and then tighten the plug. The pipe is embedded in the wall, and the ground should undergo anti-corrosion treatment, cement mortar, and self-protection.
The final acceptance is carried out by the owner or supervisor of the entire pipeline laying project, and the pipeline should be laid in a vertical plane with the company. The spacing between cold and hot water pipes meets the standard, and there is no leakage.
The above is a summary of the PPR pipe installation process by Jiangsu PPR pipe factory Yikang Yijia Co., Ltd. I hope to give you some help. If you have any questions, you can contact the top right corner of the online customer service consultation. Kangyijia Co., Ltd. is dedicated to serving you!
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