Aluminum PPR Composite Pipe

  • Material: Polypropylene R200P And Steel Wire
  • Pressure: PN1.25 PN1.6 PN2.0 PN2.5 MPa
  • Outer diameter: 20mm-160mm
  • Standard: GB/T18742.2-2017
  • Certification: ISO9001
  • Temperature: -20-95 ℃
  • Color: White, Gray, Green
  • Connection Method: Socket Heat Welding


PPR pipes are a new type of environmentally friendly pipes, which also represent the development direction of drainage pipes in the future.

PPR is a random co-polymer polypropylene, which is formed by random co-polymerization of propensity monomer and a small amount of ethylene monomer under the action of heat, pressure and catalyst.

The ethylene monomer is randomly distributed in the long chain of propensity, and the ethylene monomer is generally controlled between 3-5%. The ethylene content and the polymerization method of ethylene and propensity determine its cold brittleness.

Therefore, in winter, the flexibility of the PPR pipe will decrease, while rigidity will increase and flatten. If the pipe is impacted by an external force, the surface of the pipe will crack more seriously.

The Steel wire reinforced PPR antifreeze pipe adopts the integrated moulding technology of inner PERT and outer PPR to provide a strong defence against low temperature and cold brittleness, prevent the pipe from freezing and cracking, completely bid farewell to low-temperature anti-freezing trivial measures, easily deal with sub-zero temperatures, and extend the service life of pipes.

Advantage of Steel wire reinforced PPR antifreeze pipe:

Ultra-low temperature resistance, frost resistance test at -15℃, can easily cope with the ultimate pressure of 3.0MPa, and the frost resistance capacity is increased by 95%.

Roughness of the inner surface is as low as 0.1um, smooth and non-scaling, healthy and hygienic, with low resistance and smoother water flow.

High impact resistance, can withstand the impact of a drop hammer of 1kg at a height of 1m under the condition of -5℃, the pipe remains intact, and the impact resistance is increased by 1.5 times.



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PPR PIPE DimentionPN 2.0 MPa (hot water)PN 2.5 MPa (hot water)
Outer Diameter Dn(mm)Wall Thickness en(mm)Wall Thickness en(mm)


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