CPVC Electric Cable Duct Pipe

  • Application: Flame retardant cable duct
  • Size: DN50, DN75, DN90, DN110, DN160, DN200
  • Material: CPVC
  • Pipe length: 4m, 5.8m, 11.8m or at request


Thermoplastics PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) and CPVC (Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride) are light, flexible, tough and provide exceptional corrosion resistance. Because of these and other properties of a high quality engineered thermoplastic, the savings that can be realized in initial installation and continuing maintenance costs are substantial.


PVC can handle temperatures up to 140°F (60°C). CCPVC cable pipe handles temperatures up to 210°F (99°C).

Chemical Resistance

PVC and CPVC thermoplastics are highly resistant to acids, alkalis, alcohols and many other corrosive materials.

Both materials are ideal for process piping installation and most service piping applications.

Maintenance Free

PVC thermoplastics and flame retardent cable CPVC pipe will not rust, scale, pit or corrode, nor are they subject to electrolysis. For buried applications, PVC and CPVC are not affected by soil conditions or galvanic corrosion.

Lower Installed Cost

Painting is not required for indoor non-exposed flame retardant CPVC pipe installations. For outdoor installation where the piping may be exposed to significant sunlight, we recommend painting; two coats of a white or light-colored, water-base, outdoor latex paint provides added protection.

Lower Installed Cost

Both PVC and Flame retardant cable duct CPVC pipe have installed costs substantially lower than steel alloys or lined steel and are usually more competitive than carbon steel. Solvent cemented connections contribute to this lower installed cost while the much lighter weight (about one-sixth as much as steel) speeds and simplifies handling during installation.


PVC and CPVC fittings, pipe and valves have been found suitable for more than 50% of the corrosive and non-corrosive applications within the Chemical Process Industries.



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CPVC Electric Cable Duct PipeApplication: Flame retardant cable duct
Size: DN50, dn75, dn90, dn110, dn160, dn200Material: CPVC
Pipe length: 4m, 5.8m, 11.8m or at requestColor: orange


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