Double Wall Corrugated PVC Pipe

  •  Sewers and underground building drains for home and industry
  • Storm sewers for home and industry
  • Disposal fields for septic tank drains and leaching systems
  • Subsoil drains for lowland and surface water drainage
  • Sewer mains and sewer service


Double Corrugated Wall Pipe – DWC Pipes, also known as Double Wall Corrugated Pipes, are made of HDPE or PVC-U substances and are specifically developed to give people cost-effective alternatives.

These Double Wall Corrugated Pipes are significantly more technological than other pipes now in usage, and they have unique benefits. The corrugated plastic pipe has a number of characteristics that make it the top item in the market. The pipes’ life and breakage are both increased when they have strong corrosion protection. The product is considered the finest and chemical inert, as well as being fully free of natural dangers. The DWC pipe also has high strength and stiffness.


1. Lightweight can be manually lifted for unloading, handling and installation

2. Strong and flexible, capable of taking standard traffic loading at low cover

3. Economical and cost effective

4. Superior hydraulics

5. Abrasion and chemical resistance

6. Simple base and embedment

7. Efficient, Durable, economical

8. Easy installation and joints



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Item: Double wall corrugated PVC pipe
Application: drainage and conduit
Connect: Socket connection with rubber ringMaterial: PVC
Pipe length: 4m, 5.8m, 11.8m or at requestColor: Customizable


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