High Pressure UPVC Pipe for Water Supply

  • Size: DN20-DN800mm
  • Material: UPVC
  • Pipe length: 4m, 5.8m,11.8m or at request
  • Working Pressure: 0.2MPa-2.5MPa


UPVC or Unplasticized PVC, is composed of certain additives (such as stabilizers, lubricants, fillers ) and amorphous thermoplastic resin which vinyl choride monmer is polymerzated to made. In addition to using the additive, using approach of blending with other resins modified has obvoius practical value. These resins have CPVC, PE, ABS, EVA, MBS etc. High melt viscosity of UPVC, poor mobility, even with a high injection pressure and melt temperature, liquidity will not change much. Molding temperature and thermal decomposition temperature is very close. So molded temperature range is very narrow and UPVC is a difficult molding material.


1. The white PVC pipe and gray PVC pipe is light weight, convenient handling, loading and unloading

Pvc-u pipe material is very light, the proportion is only 1/5 of the iron pipe, handling, loading and unloading, construction is convenient, can save construction costs.

2. Corrosion resistance, excellent drug properties

Pvc-u pipe has excellent acid, alkali and corrosion resistance, especially suitable for chemical industry, wastewater drainage, sanitary sewer and other aspects.

3. Low fluid resistance

The wall surface of water supply UPVC pipe is smooth, with little resistance to fluid, and its roughness coefficient is only 0.009, lower than that of other pipes. In the case of the same diameter, the flow rate is large and there is no scale attached.

4. High mechanical strength

Pvc-u pipe has high water pressure resistance, external pressure resistance and impact resistance, high pressure UPVC pipe is suitable for supporting projects under various conditions.

5. Good electrical insulation

Pvc-u pipe has excellent electrical insulation performance, suitable for wire, cable protection sleeve, can be widely used in telecommunications, power and construction of the wire piping.

6. Does not affect water quality

Pvc-u pipe and fittings dissolution test results confirmed that it does not affect the water quality, for the current tap water supporting the best pipe.

7. Good water tightness

The combination of pvc-u pipe has a good water tightness, no matter whether it adopts loop socket or TS joint at the socket.

8. Easy construction

Pvc-u pipe construction is fast and convenient, and the construction cost is low.


– Transportation of sewage

– Urban and industrial applications

– Pressure water supply networks

– Electrical and power network cables coverage

– Coverage of telecommunication cables



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Item: high pressure UPVC pipe for water supply
Application: Water supply
Size: DN20-DN800mmMaterial: upvc
Pipe length: 4m, 5.8m,11.8m or at requestWorking Pressure: 0.2mpa-2.5mpa
Connection Type: Socket Fusion with glue,or with rubber ring, or with flangeColor: white PVC pipe, gray PVC pipe
Standards: GB/T10002.1-2006Performance Requirements of UPVC pipe
Specification(OD,EN)Conform tolerance requirements
Vicat softening temperatureicat softening temperature≥80°C
Longitudinal shrinkage rate %≤5%
Fichloromethane impregnationSurface change is not less than 4N
Drop hammer impact test TIR
Hydraulic testNo crack, no leakage
Joint seal testNo crack, no leakage
Health performanceConform GB/T17219-1998
Content of vinyl chloride monomer ≤1.0mg/kg


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