PE80 HDPE Water Supply Pipe

  • Material: HDPE PE100
  • Pressure: PN0.6 PN0.8 PN1.0 PN1.25 PN1.6 MPa
  • Outer diameter: 20mm-1200mm
  • Standard: GB/T13663.2-2018
  • Certification: ISO9001
  • Temperature: -20-60 ℃
  • Color: Black White
  • Connection method: Socket Heat Welding


The polyethylene pipes were being produced with pipe grade polyethylene which is known as PE 100 , PE 80 and PE 63 and supplied to the market, the only difference was in density and concentration.

Polyethylene pipes are also classified by the type of material used:

● PE 32 – low pressure piping systems

● PE 40 – low pressure piping systems

● PE 63 – medium pressure piping systems – irrigation system – drinking water connections

● PE 80 – gas pipe for natural gas distribution network with pressure rate up to 4 bars – drinking water pipe with pressure rate up to 16 bar – sewers, outfall pipes, industrial pipes

● PE 100 – high demands piping applications

Rich engineering properties of PE 100 versus PE 80 enables to produce a pipe with less thickness in a constant working pressure while preserving mechanical properties at a determined level which results in a product with more uniform properties in the pipe thickness. Also high creep resistance of this grade than PE 80 HDPE plastic tube provides us with less subsidence or sagging in the pipes with big diameters.

As a conclusion, using PE 80 grade HDPE tube ensures final properties of the product in production of the pipes with big diameters, in high working pressure and high reliability.

Advantages of PE80 HDPE water supply pipe:

● Light weight;

● Corrosion resistance;

● Resistant to chemical fertilizers and herbicides;

● Nontoxic and odorless;

● Resistant to harsh climate;

● Up to 50 years’ durability;

● Resistant to deformation;

● Smooth interior structure, low friction losses;

● Low labor cost for handling and installing;

● Reliable performance.



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