PN25 High Pressure PPR Pipe

  • Material: Polypropylene R200P
  • Pressure: PN1.25 PN1.6 PN2.0 PN2.5 MPa
  • Outer diameter: 20mm-160mm
  • Standard: GB/T18742.2-2017
  • Certification: ISO9001
  • Temperature: -20-95 ℃
  • Color: White, Gray, Green
  • Connection Method: Socket Heat Welding


How much pressure can the PPR pipe and fitting bear? What is the maximum pressure of PPR water pipes?

First of all, the selected high pressure PPR pipe and fittings are mainly the design service life, the design use temperature and pressure. How much pressure thehigh pressure PPR pipe can withstand must be based on the design service life and the design working temperature.

For example, when the design safety factors are S=1.25 and S=1.5, the relationship between the tube series and the maximum allowable working pressure (20°C, 50 years).

1. If the design service life of the PPR pipe is set to 50 years, the higher the design working temperature, the lower the continuous working pressure that the PPR pipe can withstand, and vice versa.

2. If the design temperature of the PPR pipe exceeds 70℃, the working time and continuous working pressure of the PPR pipe will be greatly reduced. It is precisely because of the excellent performance of PPR pipes below 70°C that PPR pipes become the most mainstream hot and cold water pipes because the general domestic hot water temperature is below 70°C.

Continue to discuss the issue of how much pressure the PPR pipe can withstand. Let’s take the PN25 PPR pipe as an example, which is the most commonly used S2.5 series pipe for home improvement high pressure PPR pipe (specifications D20*3.4 and D25*4.2 pipes).

When the water temperature is 10℃, the maximum pressure value of the S2.5 pipe allowed to work continuously for 50 years is 3.03Mpa, which is 30.03kg/cm2, and the maximum pressure of the PN25 PPR S3.2 pipe is 8.0MPa, which is 800kg/cm2. Far higher than the standard requirements.

When the water temperature is 40℃, the maximum pressure value of S2.5 PN25 PPR pipes allowed to work continuously for 50 years is 1.83Mpa, which is 18.3kg/cm2.

When the water temperature is 70℃, the maximum pressure value of the S2.5 PN25 PPR pipe that allows continuous work for 50 years is 0.85Mpa, which is 8.5kg/cm2.

Finally, add another piece of knowledge: the static water pressure of the water distribution points in each partition of the building’s drinking water purification should not be greater than 0.45MPa, that is, the water pressure of the tap water is much lower than the maximum pressure of high pressure PPR pipe.

Connection Technology:

In general, no water is leaking and the reliability is very high. But this is not to say that high pressure PPR pipe is no defective water pipe, high temperature resistance, pressure resistance is slightly worse, the long-term working temperature can not exceed 70 degrees; each section length is limited, and can not bend the construction, if the pipe laying distance is long or the corner is more, in the construction, a large number of joints are used; the pipe is cheap but the accessories price is relatively high. From the comprehensive performance, PN25 PPR pipe pipe is a high cost performance pipe material, so it becomes the first choice for water pipe renovation.

Installation Suggestion:

In general, in the hydropower transformation, the original water pipe will be replaced, home installation companies and merchants in the proposed installation of the PN25 PPR pipe when the installation of hot water pipe, even when the water through the cold water pipe. Their argument is that the technical parameters of the hot water pipe are higher than that of the cold water pipe, and the price difference is not big, so the water transformation is made of hot water pipes.



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PPR PIPE DimentionPN 1.0 MPa (hot water)PN 1.6 MPa (hot water)PN 2.0 MPa (hot water)PN 2.5 MPa (hot water)
Outer Diameter Dn(mm)Wall Thickness en(mm)Wall Thickness en(mm)Wall Thickness en(mm)Wall Thickness en(mm)


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