PPR Female Threaded Adapter

  • Material: Polypropylene R200P And Brass
  • Pressure: PN1.25 PN1.6 PN2.0 PN2.5 MPa
  • Outer Diameter: 20mm-160mm
  • Standard: GB/T18742.3-2002
  • Certification: ISO9001
  • Temperature: -20-95 ℃
  • Color: White, Gray, Green
  • Connection Method: Socket Heat Welding


What is PPR female adapter?

PPR ADAPTER FEMALE 32 X 1″ is a fitting used for the transition from a welded part of a water or heating distribution system to brass screw joints and threaded fittings.

What is ppr adaptor?

Screwed joints at combined fittings with a metal thread need to be sealed only with a Tefl on band or special sealing putty containing Teflon.

Female copper adapters are used to connect two pieces of different size piping together and are threaded on one end to allow the adapter to connect to a threaded pipe. The PPR female thread fitting fits over a male threaded pipe and is tightened using a pipe wrench.

Male threads are on the outside, like a bolt. PPR female sockets are on the inside, like a nut. The male threads screw into the female threads. This sometimes leads to confusion when dealing with hard brake lines and other rigid tubing. These pipes usually have a male-threaded nut at the end.



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PPR female threaded adapterPCS/CTNPCS/SACK
20*1/2' PPR female threaded adapter7001600
25*3/4' PPR female threaded adapter5001200
32*1' PPR female threaded adapter300600
40*1 1/4' PPR female threaded adapter200400
50*1 1/2' PPR female threaded adapter160320
63*2' PPR female threaded adapter100240
75*2 1/2' PPR female threaded adapter1020
90*3' PPR female threaded adapter820
110*4' PPR female threaded adapter820


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