PPR Stop Valve

PPR valves are made of Polypropylene Random Copolymer plastic. PPR Valves are often employed in a process or system to control, regulate, or guide the flow of a liquid.


Supply stop valves primarily control water flow to household plumbing fixtures. They are usually located where the water pipe enters the room, such as behind the toilet or under the sink. This allows easy water shut-off to the fixture for maintenance and repair without having to turn water off to the entire home.

What is the difference between a stop valve and a gate valve?

The stop valve has specified inlet and outlet directions; the gate valve has no requirements for inlet and outlet directions. Gate valve can only be fully open or fully closed. The stroke of gate opening and closing is very large, and the opening and closing time is long.

What valves can be used as stop valves?

Gate Valve

PPR lifting valve

When the valve is off, the gate blocks the flow of water. Just like the ball valve, gate valve is a large metal valve. However, the gate valve can be used to reduce water flow or stop it altogether. Circlip PPR gate valves are somewhat unusual in residential plumbing and are more common in industrial applications.



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