Single Wall Corrugate HDPE Pipe

  • Material: HDPE PE100
  • Pressure: PN0.6 PN0.8 PN1.0 PN1.25 PN1.6 MPa
  • Outer diameter: 20mm-1200mm
  • Standard: GB/T13663.2-2018
  • Certification: ISO9001
  • Temperature: -20-60 ℃
  • Color: Black White
  • Connection method: Socket Heat Welding


Single Wall pipe provides light weight and flexibility which provides faster installation with less crew and equipment.

Single wall corrugated pipe is great for agricultural, residential, highway, golf course and farm applications.

SRWPE corrugated pipe is an economical, easy–to–install solution to common residential storm water drainage problems. These may include downspouts run off, foundation and window well drains, driveway culverts and wet spots on the lawn.

Corrugated pipes are divided into pp corrugated pipes, pvc corrugated pipes, etc. Depending on the type of main material used. They are a plastic tube with annular groove corrugations made by blow molding. The appearance of corrugated pipes began in the 1970s. The flexibility of corrugated pipes can be used to complete some pipeline transportation or pipeline protection that needs to be turned, such as liquid and gas transportation and wire and cable sleeves.

The obvious advantage of the corrugated pipe is that it has great flexibility and flexibility, but at the same time, because the inside and outside of the pipe are corrugated grooves, when the single-wall corrugated pipe is transporting liquid, especially when it is transported horizontally, it is easy to cause suspension in the liquid. Particles are deposited in the groove corrugations in the pipe, which will affect the smoothness and service life of the pipe for a long time.

Their difference:

1. The inner and outer surfaces of the single-wall corrugated pipe are corrugated.

2. Double-wall corrugated pipes have a smooth inner surface (inner wall) and a corrugated outer surface (outer wall).

The corrugated pipe is made of polyvinyl chloride as the main raw material and is formed by extrusion blow molding. It is a product developed in the 70’s. The inner and outer surfaces of the single-wall corrugated pipe are corrugated, which has excellent flexibility and flexibility, but its fluid resistance is large, which is easy to cause suspended solids to deposit in the spiral grooves on the inner surface. Therefore, corrugated pipes are mostly small-diameter pipes with thin walls and low strength requirements, such as threading pipes, clean water discharge pipes, exhaust pipes, etc.

Applications of Single wall corrugate HDPE pipe:

● Storm and sanitary sewers

● Retention/Detention systems

● Highway drainage

● Agriculture

● Recreation

● Mining

● On-site waste water treatment

● Landfills and waste management

● Residential drainage

● Channels away excess underground moisture

● Highway edge drains, culverts and other construction applications



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